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Labbaik Ya Hussain (a.s)


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1. About

AZADAR is a Mumbai-based group of Mu'minin with a shared objective to digitize and disseminate comprehensive Islamic knowledge for the Shia community. Since 2016, the group has been actively working towards making this information accessible online. One10 Codester manages the operation and maintenance of all projects undertaken by AZADAR, ensuring seamless functionality. Experience smartphone applications like Azadari in Mumbai and Azadar Audio that cater to the community's needs. Join AZADAR in their quest to digitize Islamic knowledge and empower the Shia community with valuable online resources.

Every application submitted through Azadar is free, and it will continue to be free for all Mu'minin . But there are certain costs involved with routine maintenance and upgrading. For this reason, we have included some adverts and a donation request on the application that enables self-sufficiency.

Azadar is dedicated to compiling and disseminating data on religious occasions, locations, and other subjects in Mumbai, New Mumbai, and Thane. Mumbai Azadar is looking for individuals who can assist us in gathering information from their various areas of the city as a result.

2. Services

Mumbai Mobile App

Mumbai Azadar

Application provides information on Islamic places and Azadari events such as Majalis, Juloos, Shab e Dari, Khandak, and other events such as Niyaz, Jashan, and Aamaal which have going to take place around the city.


Audio Android App

Audio Azadar

The app features the recitation of the Holy Quran, Naat, Manqabat, Nohay, and Majalis in Urdu, as well as a Dua Directory, Ziarah Directory, Daily Taqibaat, Monthly Amaal, Book Library Nahjul Balagha Audio in English and Urdu.

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3. Contact

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